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A new backpackers' hostel in Kyoto (J-Hoppers Kyoto)
A new backpackers' hostel in Hiroshima (J-Hoppers Hiroshima)

2000-2001 Euro-Asia
Solo Mortorbiking Tour
Start in March 2000 from Paris
Riding on a Yamaha TT250R,
Visit Europe and Asian countries.
Finished at  Kyoto in June 6, 2001
Trip duration 443 Days
Total mileage 52,554km
Countries visiting 40
Cities staying 190
Other data is here
Let's begin
Outline of this tour
Motorbike, equipment, itinerary etc..
Countdown report
How I am upset just before departure.
Try-and-error aired live from Europe, middle and southeast Asia with screaming
Daily data bank
Riding and maintenance records
Failure teaches success.

Red-Motorcycle  Lightblue-Ferry  White-Air

Travel report 1999
Travelogue and photos in Australia, Thailand,
Laos, Japanese Tohoku and Hokkaido(x2)
Kyoto Hostel J-Hoppers Kyoto Guesthouse J-HOPPERS Official Website
 The official site of J-Hoppers Hostel Group.
The hostels are now in Kyoto and in Hiroshima.
Link Sites
Hiroshima Hostel J-Hoppers Hiroshima Trad GuesthouseJ-Hoppers Hiroshima Trad G.H.
Newly open in Nov 2006  near Peace Memorial Park. Guest rooms
are all Japanese style. Good for your western Japan Hopping !
Self introduction J-Hoppers Kyoto G.H.
Open in 2002. Near Kyoto station. Some world heritage sites are
within the walking distance. We are looking for your visit !

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